Affiliate Program: How to make them work for you?

Affiliate Program
A program in which you participate either by purchasing a prouct or just to promote the prouct without buying it. The Company running an affiliate program gives you comission for each prouct sold under your account. All you need to do is promote the product not the Compnay or campaign. Sometimes it is difficult to promote a product which you have not used.
You would promote a product when you believe that the product is useful and works. But without purchasing a unit for your own experience you would not know about the product and benefits. Majority of the people sign up an affiliate program without even knowing about the product they are promoting, buying is far away from it.
My advise is, next time you join an affiliate program give some time to the product.

Tips to Make it Work

Below are few working tips that have worked for me and many others;
  • Forum Signatures - Add a link with a short description of the program to your signature in forums that you actively contribute to. If you are not active at any forums, consider joining some that discuss online money making. It is not encouraged to spam any form though.
  • Blogging - Create a free blog at and talk about how to generate commission with Affiliate program. Share tips with the visitors on how to join and tips for referring other members, be sure to include your referral link in the blogs that you post. Once you are indexed by search engines, you will begin to get traffic from people who are looking for ways to generate cash online.
  • Show Off Checks - When you receive checks, allow them to make you money in more ways than one. Show them to your friends! People who trust in the program and have proof are a lot more likely to join than those who are skeptical of whether or not they will be paid.
  • Hand Out Flyers - Handing out flyers is another great way to gain referrals. You can also pin them up on bulletin boards at public places and any other locations where it is legal.
  • Business Cards - It doesn't take too long to print up some business cards to carry around with you.
These are not so difficult tips to make any program work. And any program is not going to work for you unless you advertise. Advertising is very important in marketing jobs, either web marketing or real life marketing.

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