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Affiliate programs are the quickest way to make money on the Internet. And they can make you great money - in some cases around a million dollars a year! Here you'll see how affiliate programs work, including an example based on the popular all hidden secrets affiliate program. You will also discover the method I take to generate sales.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Thousands of companies have put up websites where people can buy their products and services. However, those websites are only useful if they get visitors. No visitors equals no customers. To solve this, many companies have created affiliate programs. The idea is that you attract customers to the company's website. In return, they pay you an affiliate fee for each purchase made by customers you referred. Depending on the product, that fee can be up to 50% of the sales price! Later on you'll see exactly how to attract customers.
Joining an affiliate program is easy and always free. First, select one you like. Then complete a simple form with your details (so the company knows where to send your checks). In return, they give you a unique affiliate ID. Making money with an affiliate program All you have to do now is to get people to visit a special website address. That address contains your unique affiliate ID, so the company's systems can work out that someone was sent by you, rather then by another affiliate. That way, you get proper credit for each sale. To help you attract visitors, most companies give you colorful banner ads. Banner ads ("banners" for short) are those rectangular images you see everywhere on the Internet. Later you'll see how you can put your banner on thousands of pages. Some companies also give you hints and tips on how to attract visitors. But because they are not in the business of Internet marketing, these tend not to amount too much. You really need specialized sources such as this ebook to make it work. You can do this from most countries. You don't have to live in the United States to make money with an affiliate program. Most companies will be happy to send you your checks wherever you live. You simply bring those
checks to your local bank, which will convert them to your local currency. Lots of Indians, Chinese and Australians are doing very well.

How to make $200 within just one week?

This is a very quick step, but it will show you exactly how to earn over two hundred dollars in the first week after you start to promote affiliate programs.
Start off promoting an affiliate program. Write articles based on the affiliate programs and put direct links to them in the article. Keep in mind do not need to have a web site or anything sophisticated like that :) Submit your article to hundreds of ezine publishers using my Article Submitter Software and sent them out in one day. But if you cannot afford to buy an article submitter, this is not mandatory. These articles will produce over $300 in sales in a week, but why? Because news reporters collect contents for their newspaper from Internet, web masters search for quality content for their websites, magazine editors also look for good material to publish in their magazine. In your article by-line also place your autoresponder link so they could sign up for your free course. With all those emails asking you for your ecourse, you give them the chance to buy another product from you for less. You may earn another $500 from these people as well in that initial 1 or 2 weeks period. So that's just a bit over $800 in sales in 2 weeks work. You will start getting checks every month for doing nothing as other people began promoting your articles with out you asking them. You will also end up getting your name blasted all over the search engine's as people who publish your articles put them on their web sites. Also sign up quite a lot of people under you as your affiliates, who will be then selling these products and you're still earning commission from their hard work. Pick 2-tier affiliate programs, they bring you in just a little bit extra every month for nothing with no permanent web site.

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