How to create the Ad and Description for your Campaigns?

Now it’s time to create your successful ad (for Google) or keywords description (for Yahoo!). Their role is to generate more traffic on your web site; therefore they must attract people’s attention. You have to push people to take an action by clicking on them. Consequently I would advise you to emphasize the advantages of your product and its benefits for your customers. You must be concise, accurate and clear for you have restricted space. Be careful, characters include spaces as well.

Here is the structure of ads in Google Adwords:
Headline (max.25 characters)
Description line 1 (max. 35 characters)
Description line 2 (max. 35 characters)
Display URL (max. 35 characters)
Destination URL (max. 1024 characters)

Here is the structure of a description in Yahoo!:
Title (maximum 40 characters),
Description (maximum 190 characters)
Destination URL (maximum 1024 characters)

Before starting to write your ad and your description, just have a look on these useful tips:

1. Get inside the customer’s head. What are your customers looking for? What do they expect? If you just wonder how to get inside the mind of your customers, help them fulfill
their needs and create successful commercial relationships, this series could be useful to you: Sales People are from Moon, Buyers are from Earth.
2. As you have limited text space, avoid terms like “a”, “the”, “of”, “at”…
3. Use words like “new”, “free”, “limited offer”, “discount” to attract clickers.
4. Avoid superlatives like “the best product...”, “the most wonderful …” or “the top of…” It is too basic and not pertinent.
5. Always include your exact keywords in the title of your ad. If searchers see the keywords they entered in the title of the ad, they will likely click on it.

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