Online Earnings: Legit VS. Scam

Due to economical crises, the recession has forced people to go for online jobs to earn for a living. Earning online, this opportunity comes with chances of fraud. This article has useful information to help you detect online scams each time you find an opportunity to earn money on Internet.
Ask yourself these questions, it is advised that you make a check-list and go through every time you find an attractive opportunity. It will help you by providing certain confidence to adapt good schemes and avoid the frauds.

  • Does the ad or scheme seem clear to you?
  • Almost every ad is filled with 'hype' but is it over the top?
  • Is it really hard to trust the evidence in the ad?
  • What proof is there that this scheme really work?
  • Are their testimonials believable?
  • Can you verify the testimonies by yourself?
  • Do they offer you a proof of actual earnings?
  • Is it a new campaign or a few years old?
  • Is there someone you know in real life who has earned from that program?
  • Do they have real people who provide customer services?
  • Do they have a physical address?
  • Will they really ship you the product after they charge you?
  • Do they provide a ''money back guarantee" without deducting "service charges"?
Most of the schemes and products are for specific countries, check if  it is for your country. If they are offering payouts by 'paypal', try contacting paypal about the company. If they are providing certificates from various trusted sites, make sure the links are valid and they have a legit company profile with trusted sites.
Make sure you read TERMS OF SERVICES "TOS" before you start working, you may end up with no payments otherwise. The reason is, some companies may require you either to have a bank account in USA or physically meet them after some time.
Make sure the product is well designed to work for you, if it doesn't work for you then it has no worth working for

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