Marketing Tricks: Let's Go Through This One More Time

Fitting that this would be my last "dirty trick" since it always comes at the end of a sales page, huh? But, what IS this one all about? It's about repetition, plain and simple.
If you have children and you've ever watched Nickelodeon's pre-K programs, then you will be familiar with what I'm about to say here. And that is "People Are Programmed To Learn Through Repetition". Which is what makes this dirty little sneak such an important one. In a nutshell, you are repeating the important details of your product or offer in a small but informative summary that should be placed right before the order button. This summary can take the form of a bulleted list, a little "Yes! I Want To Take Advantage Of This Offer" form, or something similar. The main point here is to remind your potential customers of exactly what they will be getting. Marketers will often refer to this as a "recap".
My advice, if you aren't already using this dirty trick, you had better start! Anyone selling anything anytime can benefit from this one.


All these dirty tricks have one major thing in common. Can you guess what that is?
To sell something successfully, you have to create curiosity from your customers to want to learn more about what you're selling.
These dirty tricks work. They do. Give them a chance and see if you don't find at least one that will have a positive effect on your profit margin.
Until Then – To Your Success!

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