Marketing Tricks: Do You Qualify?

This is one beauty of a dirty little trick. The whole basis behind this one is that a person interested in your offer doesn't see an "order now" button, or a download your product here sneaky pete payment link. Nope. What they see instead is a "Click Here To See If You Qualify For This Special Offer" form in where they will need to give their name and email address before they even get to see the details of the offer. Now, is that smart, or is that smart?? Not only are you making sure that your prospective customer takes action, which gets them in the buying mode, but at the same time you are snatching up their email address to build your mailing list. Wow! That's a really cool idea, right? Precisely. And the best part is, you really get a chance to see how many people are interested in really learning more and maybe buying your special offer or product.
Not only that, but even IF your potential customers decide NOT to buy your product, you STILL have their email address so you can send them other offers later on! It's a win-win for you. If you know how to create an online email sign up form, and use a redirect page, then this could be a super handy little trick for you to try out next time you run a new product of yours. This dirty trick is recommended for those that want to see how much interest customers have in their product, to build up intense curiosity through the "qualifying" process, and to build their mailing list quickly.

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