Marketing Tricks: THE NOPRICE TACTIC

Ever been to a place that sells products without an actual price tag on them? I don't mean a mistake, but something that purposely doesn't have a price listed somewhere. It always reminds me of "If You Have To Ask How Much It Costs, Then You Can't Afford It Anyway". Not so of all products. The reality is that if your product generates enough positive interest, then your customers will click the order link just to see how much it costs. And if it's something that offers just the solution they're looking for, they'll pay for it.
This tactic can have either a positive or negative effect, depending on how much your product is going for. If it's something that is less than your customer thinks it's worth, they'll fork over the dough. If not, well, they'll have to think it over first. Maybe they'll buy. Maybe they won't. But at least they're giving it thought. Not to worry though. Sometimes it takes more than seven times for a person to actually purchase a product they really want. Leaving the price of your product a mystery can generate enough curiosity to lead to an otherwise fruitless sale. I recommend use of this dirty trick only if your particular product has a high selling success rate.


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