Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. Thus we come to this dirty little trick. Using a positive reinforcer like a testimonial can make the difference between getting a sale or just getting a "tire-kicker". After reading what a few other happy customers have to say, others will be more inclined to think more positively about your product. But, how do you get such testimonials? You ASK for them! A good way to get testimonials is to do a "pre release" of your product and offer a free copy of it for those that will give you a good testimonial in return. That's how many salesman do it. However, this can also have a negative draw back, especially in certain internet marketing circles. On the same token though, how many of your customers do you think are actual internet marketers who know about this sly tactic? Well, it depends on what you're selling, but if you're selling a recipe ebook, then the fact that you got your testimonials by offering a free copy of your ebook won't matter to your potential customers. All they care about is getting a product that has good recipes in it. They don't care if Mr. Johnny Big-Shot Marketer knows how you got those words of praise. Besides that, you can always ask your customers how they liked the product to get "genuine" testimonials. I say "genuine" because some people believe that testimonials received from a "freebie" are skewed somehow to shed positive light on your product. If you have a good product, then whether you are getting the testimonials from a free copy receiver, or a paying customer won't make any difference. They'll be the same. . . POSITIVE!

Dirty Trick #7: THE... "WIIFM" TACTIC

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