Marketing Tricks: THE REVIEW TACTIC

Who doesn't like reading product reviews BEFORE they spend their hard earned cash? The secret to the success of this dirty trick is to get your visitors, or customers, interested in the product that you're reviewing so they will, at the very least, go to that product's sales page to read more. Or hopefully, buy it. That's your goal. To get them interested enough to get to the sales page and BUY. One thing you can NEVER do when writing a product review is LIE. If you don't like a particular product, say so. If you love it, say so. But never try and be dishonest just to make a quick buck. It's not worth it. Once you ruin your reputation, you can never get it back. And, you should always inform your readers, visitors, or customers of where you think they should be plunking down their money. Using reviews is a super way to do this without sounding like a total ass-monkey. They'll appreciate you for your honesty, and maybe potentially saving them unneeded hassle or wasted cash. Only use this dirty trick if you have something HONEST to say about a particular product. Stand behind what you say and don't go back on it. Unless the product owner/author totally flakes out. That's the only acceptable time to do a review retraction.


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