The countdown tactic creates a sense of urgency for your customers. It makes them believe that they will be missing out on a great deal if they don't take immediate action. This trick is used mostly for "special" sales. But can also be used on a normal sales page or article. Although, if not used properly can reduce your credibility with your customers, or visitors. That means DON'T FREAKIN' USE A COUNTDOWN IF THE OFFER DOESN'T EXPIRE! If you're running a special 5 day only sale, by all means make it clear to your customers so they don't miss out. Use the time constraint to your profiting advantage. Different methods are used to get this across to your customers. You can use the "highlighter" trick. It's exactly like using a highlighter marker to highlight an important bit of text in your favorite book. You're just using it "virtually" instead. It's simple to do. Here's what you need to put in your HTML code to highlight your text: Offer Ends In The Next 72 Hours And this will create a yellow "highlighter" style background color on the text that is in between the two tags. The two most popular colors for the text itself is either Red(#cc0000) or Black(#000000). And the text should be bold and a bit larger than the rest, just to be sure it really stands out :-)
Another way is to use an actual "countdown" javascript. This will show your customer exactly how much time they have left to get in on your special offer. Any way you slice it, using the countdown tactic WORKS to provoke a quick call to action by your customers. When people believe they will truly "miss the boat" on a great offer, they'll pony up the dough. And FAST too! That's what makes this dirty trick a serious profit puller. This dirty trick is recommended for use only when you are really running a time sensitive offer.

Dirty Trick #9: THE "REVIEW" TACTIC

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