Marketing Tricks: Wait There is More TACTIC

If you have EVER, and I do mean EVER been surfing through the television channels after midnight any day of the week, you've seen this sneaky little bugger hard at work inside all those crappy infomercials. These guys, or gals, really want you to buy a copy of their product. So they'll sweeten the offer up for you to drive that fact home and straight to your credit card or bank account. After all, they are in the business to MAKE MONEY, right? And, if they've already piqued your curiosity, see Dirty Tricks Volume I, then they know that you're interested in what they're attempting to sell you. So they try and make the deal better on your end. That's when they really kick their selling into high gear by offering you some out-of-this-world bonuses worth -insert any dollar amount here- absolutely FREE! Cue flashing text. . . .
Now I know you're probably thinking, "Shucks, I'd never fall for that kind of garbage!". Hmm, how many products HAVE you bought from television adds? If you say none, well then congratulations! You are immune to this dirty trick. Way to go! And if you aren't immune, don't worry about it. I would bet that almost 98% of people aren't either. The really cool thing about this dirty little monster is that it MAKES you want to buy their original product, even if you don't want or need it, just to get your hands on all those choice freebie gifts they'll give you. And all for the cost of the original product price. What a deal! Yep. That's what they want you to be thinking. Sure, you may not like or need the product they're trying to sell you, but all those things you're getting for free pretty much makes it worth spending 30 bucks. Plus, even if you only wanted the bonus items, they still sucked you in to buying the original product to get your hands on them.
Internet Marketers use this one religiously too. Don't let 'em sneak it past you. Remember last time you signed up for that free report or ebook? And then after you filled out the form you were magically whisked away to a page that let you know you would be receiving an email to confirm you wanted to be included on their list? 'Cause that's the only way you could get the freebie? What else was on there? Did you notice that there was probably either an ad for another product, we in the Internet Marketing world call this an "upsell", or a special offer that you would only see that one time, again, called a, what else, "one time offer"? Or how about when another internet marketer releases a new product and one of their affiliates will offer you a special “bonus” if you buy only from them? They will pack those bonuses to the gills with products that you may want, and probably will, even more than the main product that is being sold. Aha! The light just went on didn't it?! If you don't have something like this set up on your freebie giveaway offers, you had better start. Otherwise, you're missing out on profits my friend. And a super script that will help you set up these one time offers is, of course, One Time Offer. I highly recommend using this dirty trick for anyone trying to sell anything. EVER.

Dirty Trick #12: An Offer You CAN'T Refuse

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