Marketing Tricks: An Offer You CAN'T Refuse

Yeah, this is an old "gangster" style trick. Although you might not think so once I reveal the one word that describes it. What's the word? Guarantee. But, why did I say it was an old "gangster" style trick? Firstly, did you even bother reading the title? ;-) Second, let's look at it logically here. I'd wager you've seen at least ONE gangster type movie(I'm a movie fanatic, so just stick with me here, it will make perfect sense once I'm finished explaining.) once in your life. These tough guys are running things for a reason. They don't take NO for an answer. It's their way or you're "swimmin' with the fishes" my friend. Now, obviously offering a guarantee isn't the same as whacking someone, but it will most definitely make your offer much harder to refuse. Your customer will feel more secure in the fact that you are shouldering most, if not all, of the risk by letting them get their money back if they are unsatisfied with your product. This little dirty trick not only helps you convert more sales, but it also builds credibility in the eyes of your potential customers because you believe in what you are trying to sell them by taking a loss if they don't. I also highly recommend this dirty little trick to anyone and everyone who is selling anything online.

Dirty Trick #13: Getting All "Hyped" Up

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