Marketing Tricks: THE WIIFM TACTIC

This is an interesting trick. Some internet marketers may not consider this a "trick" per say. First, let me tell you what WIIFM stands for. This stands for “What's In It For Me”. And it is simply one thing your current sales page CANNOT afford to be without. Anybody who buys anything always wants to know how this purchased product will benefit THEM. They don't care about what it will do necessarily. Rather what it will do for THEM is the key point. People are selfish by nature. Especially online. They don't care about you, or what you're trying to accomplish. They only care about themselves. It's harsh, but it's also true. I can guarantee you this. . .No matter what internet marketing training course you take, article you read, ebook you buy, they will all tell you the same thing when it comes to making a great sales letter, telling your customers What's In It For Them.
Don't make your sales page about YOU. NO ONE CARES! Most of your visitors will skip that part anyway. They don't want to hear about YOU. Even if it's the most interesting story in the world. They didn't come to your sales page to read about how interesting your life has been. They came there to SPEND THEIR CASH. Don't distract them by writing your life story. Save that for your personal page. Get to why they should buy your product because it will do x-y-z for them. Another thing you will commonly hear from internet marketers that have been on the scene for a while is this: List Benefits, Not Features. Pretty much they're saying the same thing in a different way. Look at it like this, who freakin' cares if your "widget" comes in 3 sizes and 5 fabulous colors? What you REALLY need to be telling them is how they can order a customized version of your product to fit their lifestyle. See the difference there? You've told them the SAME thing, but in a way that will directly benefit THEM. Selling isn't about YOU, it's about THEM. You aren't trying to sell something to yourself you know. This dirty trick can, and should be, used on anything and everything you sell!

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