Marketing Tricks: This is Secret

Who doesn't want to know a secret? It's human nature to want to be included into some secret club, or inner circle society of special people. And this dirty trick exploits that desire to the max! Ever been to a web site that has a little window pop up either when you first enter the page or leave it? Yes, you probably know these are pop up windows. Who doesn't? But the might of the trick isn't in what these are, but what they have inside them that counts. Try sticking a "You Have 2 Minutes Left To Claim Your 30% Discount Off The Regular Price Of Our Product", or a little "Why Didn't You Buy?" survey link in there, then offer a special "For Your Eyes Only" discount to make your potential customer feel like they truly are the only ones getting this kind of preferential treatment. Pop ups aren't the only way to use this trick though. You can also create your own little "secret society" or "members only" newsletter or web site and have your visitors sign up to gain instant, free, access to this area. But make sure you have something inside of it!! Or information there for your members to play around with.
This is an outstanding trick to use to build up your subscriber list while you're at it too. Yes, some people find pop ups annoying, but when it comes to being part of an "inner circle" of money-savers, they'll make an exception. To go along with this same trick, you can also use words on your sales page like "Secret, Revealed, Discover, Uncovered, etc." as a means of gaining more sales too. Think about this for a second. If someone selling their "top secret methods" that make them truck loads of cash were going to "spill the beans" and let you in on it, wouldn't you want to be included? Marketers know it. That's why they use it to their advantage. And here's a free secret, most of the "top secret secrets" aren't really secrets at all! Just common marketing sense. Everyone enjoys getting the inside scoop on something, no matter what it is. Don't you? Recommended usage of this dirty trick is for anyone that wants to try and get a higher conversion rate on their sales.

Dirty Trick #19: Do You "Qualify"?

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