Marketing Tricks: Getting All Hyped Up

This is a super dirty trick. And admitted "hypers" or not, I can almost guarantee you'll find this type of language slipped in to most sales pages. Now, some Internet Marketers may try and mask this trick by putting a different name on it, but it's the same thing. Now, some marketers will simply say that they have unbreakable confidence in their products, and there's no "hype" in that. Really? I beg to differ. Not that there's anything at all wrong with having that type of confidence in your product, but let's call a duck a duck and not a chicken, shall we?

Some more common "hyper" words you may have seen, or be using yourself are:

And there are plenty of others lying in wait to pounce on you. But these are more of the commonly used hype words. So, why do this dirty trick work so well? Because these words spark emotion within your potential customers. And dragging out that emotional connection to your product can more often than not close the sale. A word of caution here though. Don't try and over-hype your product. That could end in you boiling in a pot of hot water in the form of a law suit. And I'm sure you don't want to get scarred up with burns now do you? Use this dirty trick wisely and cautiously. Don't over do it and try your best to stay true to the reality of what your product can, and can't do when describing it with "hyped" up words.

Dirty Trick #14: "Trash" Talking

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