Marketing Tricks: Trash Talking

Have you ever watched a television talk show or professional wrestling? Then you have seen this dirty trick already! But, here's how to apply it to your product or business to gain more "buzz". Find a product that is similar to yours and do some comparison on theirs to yours. Find out what makes yours the better decision for your visitors and exploit the hell out of it! Another boss way to use this dirty little stinker is to raise your own stink about an experience in where one of your competitors has burned you with one of their products that you personally bought. Work in the angle that this painful event is the reason that made you decide to create your own version of this specific product, but you made it better than this other author's version. Don't be afraid to talk some trash about a person or product to highlight the benefits of your own to get the sale. Do be careful of "slander" issues though. You can hide the details of the specific author or product by calling them Mr. X, or Product Z. You don't necessarily have to bash your competition to smithereens to get your point across. Even though sometimes that is fun! Oh, are my devil horns showing? ;-) This dirty trick should also be used sparingly and in context to show your potential customers the benefits of purchasing your product over that of your competitors.

Dirty Trick #15: Show 'Em What You Got!

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