Marketing Tricks: The GO PRO Tactic

Now, I know you have more than likely heard different opinions about this nasty little trick, but I'm strictly a "pro" kinda gal/guy. Of course, you can have a crappy little web page with crappy colors, and crappy images and still sell the stink out of whatever it is you're selling. But the truth behind that is all your sales rely solely on your sales copy. And if that too is crappy, well, you might as well just hang your hat up right now because you won't sell a damn thing. However, if you have an attractive web site that looks professionally done, and your sales copy is a bit on the simplistic or novice side, then you still have a pretty good chance of your potential customers viewing you as a reliable source to get the product they are looking for from. Here's another saying for you, "You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression". And that's true. So, ditch all those flashy banners, disgusting color schemes that make you want to run to the nearest garbage can to throw up, and build a "grown up" sales page. You're not 13 any more. Oh, and just so you know, there are some seriously talented 13 year olds out there that can really whip up a beautiful web page. Are you going to let them one-up you like that??
Seriously though, the quality of your product shows through the professionalism of your web sites appearance. My advice, if you are using FrontPage, drop it. It's so limited in what it can do for you. Get yourself a good copy of Dreamweaver and STICK WITH THAT for all your web page compiling projects.
And if you are concerned with the price increase that is so apparent for Dreamweaver as compared to that of FrontPage, all I can say is you get what you pay for. Remember that.
I highly recommend this dirty trick to everyone selling anything online, or offline. Develop your skill at building "pro" web sites and use your skills!

Dirty Trick #17: Let's Be Partners

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