Marketing Tricks: Show Them What You Got

Are you ready to "let it all hang out" to get your product selling? If you are, then Dirty Trick #15 is just what you've been waiting for! The basis of this little sneak is to show your customers what they will be getting with the use of professional looking graphics. Things like ebook covers, software boxes, and an attractive page layout may be just the thing to spice up your digital product. It's a fact that people like to see what they're buying before they shell out the cash for it. Yes, even digital products need to "show the goods" before someone will gain enough interest to plop down the dough. Ever heard the saying, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"? Well this dirty trick is truly based on this saying. But in this particular case, a picture could be worth a thousand dollars! However, using a less than professional looking image could result in just the opposite and shut down your sale quicker than you can say "see ya"! So, do use a professional image anytime you use them. Not only can you use ebook or software cover images, there's also another type of image that can really put your sales into over drive. And that is using the "profit proof" images. Don't know what I'm talking about? Let me explain it to you. I promise by the time I'm finished you'll be saying "Oh yeah! I've seen those before!". Okay, a "profit proof" image is one that shows exact earnings of the person selling the product in question. These will either be scanned checks or payment statements from processors such as ClickBank or PayPal. These are very useful to get your prospects excited when they see your figures and start believing that they too can do just what you did and really rack up the profits. Use this dirty trick whenever you are selling an intangible, or digital, product that could use a professional image to kick up your profit margins. There are some products that don't require an image though, such as a conference call, etc. so be choosy when you use this dirty trick. Any product that has earning money as the main subject could benefit from using the "profit proof" graphic images though. But be sure you "blur" out your customer's information or you'll be floating in that hot vat again!

Dirty Trick #16: Go "Pro"

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