Marketing Tricks: Lets be Partners Tactic

Before I tell you about this dirty trick, let me ask you a question. How much easier do you think it would be for one person to sell a box of cookies door to door, as compared to 50 people selling them door to door? Exactly! There is strength in numbers. And that is what this dirty little monster is all about. Building your numbers with an affiliate program and using it as a Joint Venture opportunity for your site visitors, or customers. What's the best way to build yourself an army of partners? Let them earn money from any sales they make of your product through their special little affiliate link for FREE.
Yep. Let them sign up for your affiliate program with NO PAY IN. And when I say the words "no pay in" what I mean is, don't try and use the "You must first order a copy of my product before you can become an affiliate". It won't work as well for you. Think of it this way, if you make your potential JV partners pay for the chance to try and earn some profits from selling your product, then they're taking a bigger risk by actually spending some of their own cash first. Not good for the affiliate. But, in contrast, if you offer them a FREE opportunity to test out selling your product via your JV program, you'll likely see a bigger partner sign up rate and flowing right along, a bigger profit rate too.
Again, this little monster is highly recommended to any person that wants to make more money with less work. Realistically, this is the only way you can do that.

Dirty Trick #18: Shh! This is Secret

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